Tips for a longer life of your washing machine

Wasknijpers aan een lijn

Have you ever thought about taking care of your washing machine while carefully washing your clothes? We understand the importance of a clean washing machine. That's why we now offer you the chance to try our great wax strips for free! Experience the powerful cleaning and wonderful scent for yourself.

Good brand washing machine, deep investment

A washing machine is a major investment and therefore important to maintain it properly. We hope you are already applying our tips! And from now on, make our washing tips second nature .

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Tips for a longer lifespan

  1. Wash once a month at 60˚C to prevent bacterial growth. Run this wash with, for example, your towels or duvet to avoid unnecessarily washing at high temperatures;
  2. Pour cleaning vinegar into the detergent dispenser of the washing machine and a scoop of baking soda into the washing drum. This way you prevent a musty smell. Don't do this too often;
  3. Clean the rubber edge of the washing drum, where residues often remain;
  4. Clean the filter of the washing machine, hair and dust can get into it;
  5. Check how much load your washing machine can hold; a drum that is too full can be counterproductive;
  6. Do not use too much detergent, dose easily by using Laundry Sheets .

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Sustainable washing with washing strips

Laundry Sheets are also called eco laundry strips . They are concentrated 'sheets' that you put in your laundry and dissolve completely. So this is a replacement for your traditional detergent. A child can do the (sustainable) laundry!

Our Laundry Sheets are vegan, eco-friendly and biodegradable. They themselves are suitable for hand washing. More information can be found in the washing manual.

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