Washing with durability and power: Learn how to do it right!

Sustainable washingmachine

Nothing smells better than laundry hanging to dry on the clothesline! Are you also guilty of it: walking past the laundry and sniffing it for a moment? We understand it all too well. The Laundry Sheets provide a wonderful scent for your laundry.

Less plastic waste, more sustainability

The environment takes quite a beating during most washes. The many plastic bottles in particular play a negative role in this. Think of all the detergent, fabric softeners and other necessities to do your desired laundry. These items are often offered in material that is very harmful to the earth.

The result: dozens of plastic bottles per year that are purchased and barely break down in nature. Research even shows that plastic bottles are only broken down by nature after 500 (!) years. We at Second Nature want to change this!

Fortunately, there are more and more sustainable alternatives available. With our Laundry Sheets discount bundle (60-120 washes) you can do 120 washes while contributing to a better environment.

Laundry is something we all do weekly, if not daily. Therefore, make the switch to sustainable washing.

5 tips for sustainable washing

  • Run a full drum of laundry.
  • Wash at 30°C as much as possible (Use the eco program or wash at a cold temperature).
  • Use the Eco mode of your washing machine.
  • Choose the right speed.
  • Wash with Laundry sheets .

Step-by-step plan for finding the correct spin speed during washing:

  1. Consult the manual of your washing machine.
  2. Check the washing label of your clothes.
  3. Consider the type of fabric and sensitivity.
  4. Adjust the speed based on experience.
  5. Experiment if necessary.

Why are Laundry Sheets more sustainable?

  • No unnecessary use of water. Did you know that traditional detergent consists of about 80% water? The sheets are actually concentrated detergent and easy to dose;
  • No use of disposable plastic. The packaging can be thrown away with the waste paper after use.

Tell me more…!

  • They are vegan, biodegradable and allergy free;
  • Suitable for colored and white laundry
  • Safe to use on wool and silk
  • Save space and carrying heavy bottles

Get your Laundry Sheets here ! Say goodbye to traditional detergent and hello to sustainable laundry!

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