What exactly is fabric softener? An extensive explanation

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What does fabric softener

Fabric softener is a type of fat and does not actually soften your clothes. You cannot make a fiber in a garment softer. What fabric softener actually does is create a fatty layer over your clothes that makes the laundry feel softer.

Disadvantages of fabric softener

The fat layer of the fabric softener causes the clothing to not breathe properly. Your skin comes into direct contact with the fat layer, which can cause irritations and even eczema. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin, the elderly and babies. Our washing strips are hypoallergenic, so the chance of irritation is very small.

Specifically for sportswear and towels, the use of fabric softener has additional disadvantages. Sports clothes are intended to allow a lot of air to pass through, fabric softener blocks this. And towels dry more poorly due to the fat layer. Microfiber and stretch fabric also do not like fabric softener.

Bad for the dryer

Did you use fabric softener? Then never throw those clothes in the dryer. A dryer determines when the laundry is dry based on the resistance. The greasy fabric softener increases resistance and the dryer can stop while the laundry is not yet dry. This also creates a greasy layer in the drum. This is bad for the device.

Fabric softener (despite the nice smell) can also cause a smelly washing machine. This stench is caused by accumulating grease lice, to which fabric softener contributes.

Do I need fabric softener?

Your laundry can become stiff due to lime in the water. The more lime there is in your water, the stiffer you were. A little bit of vinegar can help dissolve the limescale, making your laundry feel softer. For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend not using fabric softener. Our wax strips already smell nice, but do you want a little more scent? Then use half a strip extra or use a drop of washing perfume.

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