The ultimate guide to washing your bras

De ultieme gids voor het wassen van je bh's

A well-fitting and comfortable bra is an essential wardrobe item for many women. To ensure your bras keep their shape and last a long time, it's important to wash them properly. In this article you will discover the best methods to keep your bras clean and fresh.

Why a special washing method is needed

Bras are not just made from a piece of cloth, they consist of delicate fabrics, underwires and straps that need extra care during washing. Incorrect washing can lead to deformation, damage or loss of elasticity. So, being knowledgeable about how to wash bras is very important.

How often should you wash?

Did you know that many women wash their bras far too little? Your bra gets dirty faster than you think due to skin oils and sweat, which is why you should wash your bra after wearing it twice. This prevents bacteria from spreading that can damage the elastane. So by washing your bra on time and in the right way, it will last even longer! Have you always wanted to know which laundry belongs to which program? Check out our simple but complete expert guide to washing programs.  

Hand wash for best care

The ideal way to wash your bras? Do it by hand. Fill a sink or bucket with lukewarm water and detergent and a mild detergent or a durable Second Nature Laundry Sheet . Soak the bras in the water and gently rub the fabrics together to remove dirt and oils. Rinse them thoroughly and gently squeeze out the excess water without wringing. Don't feel like doing that? No problem! Read on quick.

The convenience of Second Nature's Laundry sheets

The Second Nature Laundry sheets are perfect for washing bras. These precisely dosed sheets clean your laundry gently but thoroughly. Fasten the hooks of your bras, place half a Laundry sheet in the washing machine with your bras, and start a wool wash program of 30 degrees and a maximum of 600 rpm. These sheets allow you to skip laundry bags, washing your bras more effectively.

The many benefits of Second Nature's Laundry sheets

In addition to the ease of use, Second Nature's Laundry sheets have even more benefits for your bras and the environment. They are free from phosphates, optical brighteners and other harmful chemicals, making them safe for delicate fabrics and your skin. In addition, the sheets are packaged in compostable material, making them a sustainable choice.

Washing your bras correctly is essential to keeping them fresh, clean and well-fitting. Whether you prefer hand washing or choose the convenience of Second Nature's Laundry sheets, both methods provide effective cleaning and protection of your bras. With the Laundry sheets from Second Nature you not only choose quality and convenience, but you also contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to your washing routine. Keep your bras in top shape and use the natural power of Second Nature's Laundry sheets. To read more about Second Nature and our purpose, click on the link below:

The vision of Second Nature 

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